Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easy Labor Protocol for Pregnant Women in Santa Rosa, Ca

Although I have enough experience with labor induction through acupuncture to know that it is usually quite helpful, my sense and what I have learned through the experts is that it is not the ideal way to prepare the body for a smooth and easy labor. I liken the process of labor induction to giving the body a big push so that the baby can come out. My easy labor protocol, however, is a process that takes place from week 22 of pregnancy onward that slowly and gently strengthens the uterus and the woman's blood and energy and softens/ripens her cervix, so that when the due date window arrives she can easily and naturally deliver her baby without a lot intervention needed at that point.

The easy labor protocol consists of 6-8 treatments at pivotal intervals in her pregnancy in which direct moxabustion (a therapy involving burning mugwort) is applied on a special point on the woman's leg that brings energy the uterus. I usually combine this protocol with constitutional acupuncture to deal with any issues or potential issues in the woman's body that would prevent a smooth and easy labor and/or make her pregnancy less pleasant. Most women experience the process as pleasant with few other noticeable effects afterwards. Some sensitive women will notice an increase in uterine action (braxton hicks) following a treatment or perhaps an increase in personal energy. So far women who had the easy labor protocol had all natural labors without medical interventions and believe the birthing process was shorter and easier than they would have been without this series of treatments.

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