Thursday, April 16, 2015

Acupuncture and Shoni-Shin for Children in Santa Rosa, CA

Having my own child as well as having success practicing on women with fertility issues has naturally led me to an interest in pediatric acupuncture. Also, as an acupuncturist I noticed when I had a young patient, even one who was already an adolescent, they responded to treatment more quickly than an adult. This was a fulfilling experience feeling that in a few short weeks of treatment I may have improved the child's health for life. I helped one teen with menstrual cramps, for example, and wondered about my 30 something year old patient with extreme monthly pain, what her life would have been like if she'd come for treatment at 15.

So it may sound great in theory, but if your child is suffering from something you may be concerned about the acupuncture needles and have fears about your child not liking it. Although this is a valid concern, my experience has been that most young children find these needles much more comfortable than the ones used for shots at the doctor's and come back happily to my office without aversion. Here is a video of a happy baby getting acupuncture. I was there at this pediatric acupuncture class when this was filmed so I can attest that it is the real, unedited experience of the young one.

In addition the fact that my feisty and willful three year old boy will request acupuncture and keep his needle in for up to half an hour speaks volumes. He knows it helps his body feel better and was surprised at his first treatment telling me "That didn't even hurt." Besides if a child really does not want to needles or "taps" as I refer to them for kids, I can use non insertion techniques like micro-current and Shoni Shin which are tools to stimulate the acupuncture channels and bring about healing without breaking the skin. I find I can get good results with these tools as well as acupuncture, it just depends on the sensitivity of the child and their needs.

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