Thursday, August 20, 2020

Is it Safe to Go to Acupuncture During Covid 19?

 I've been treating patients all throughout shelter in place in my small private acupuncture practice in Santa Rosa, CA. I've taken added precautions, of course. There is mask wearing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing. I insist that patients not come when suffering cough, fever or other Covid symptom such as loss of smell. I've been touched by how honest and responsible people are about reporting potential risk and rescheduling until their status is more definitely clear. There is recognition that they are not just taking care of themselves by staying home when sick, but also my other clients as well as me and the family members I'm also connected to. There is some recognition, however, as well that isolating and staying home when free of acute symptoms is not the best they can do for their own health and for society at this time. Meanwhile work must be done and survival needs must be met. Meanwhile children still need education and socialization. Realistically a 100% stay at home life is just not sustainable. People must develop and employ their immune system and be active in the world. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help to build immunity. Acupuncture literally taps on the awareness that we ourselves are pure energy and this upright strength and a bubble of protective energy known as the wei qi is what keeps us well. It is only when our energy is weakened are we susceptible to catching sicknesses. So we go to acupuncture to refresh and to come out feeling more like our true and vibrant selves that have natural defenses just by virtue of the true radiance that is our energy. 

Research also points to acupuncture and moxibustion being useful along western medications in the treatment and prevention of Covid 19.

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