Friday, December 12, 2014

Acupuncture and Herbs for Insomnia in Santa Rosa, CA

Do you suffer from insomnia? Maybe you've tried some herbs from your local health food store and they haven't worked. Don't give up. This may be because you didn't buy the supplement most suited to your specific type of insomnia. In my herbal pharmacy in Santa Rosa, CA I have herbs for people with trouble falling asleep combined with poor energy and digestion. I have some for those who fall asleep easily but wake frequently sometimes feeling sweaty. I have others for just an acute situation where the person can't sleep because they are overheated and highly stressed, and some for people who's problem is mostly due to stagnation in the digestive system not allowing the body to rest.  Not sure which pattern fits you? That's why it is great to have an herbalist who can determine your type of insomnia and pick the very best choice for you.

 Helping insomnia is best done by combining herbal medicine with acupuncture. Acupuncture allows you to experience a relaxed state in which the whole body system switches into rest and relax mode. Acupuncture is kind of like training the energy body to go out of fight or flight stressed mode and go into the rejuvenative healing state where good sleep is possible.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chinese Herbs for Sale in Santa Rosa, CA

I'm pleased to announce my Herbal Pharmacy in Santa Rosa, CA is now highly stocked with Chinese Herbal Formulas for various conditions. These formulas have been used for thousands of years to successfully treat internal and external conditions and have been adapted and studied to fit the modern patient. They are safety tested with little to no side effects.

Some of the herbal formulas I have in stock now can treat cold/flu, allergies, asthma. There are herbs for skin conditions such as eczema, acne or hives. For gynecological conditions I have formulas for infertility, PMS, menopausal hot flashes or night sweating, menstrual cramps,  uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, Postpartum Recovery, miscarriage prevention and more. I have herbs to help with fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia and hypertension. I have herbs for all types of pain, spasm and tension, injury recovery and arthritis. For digestive disorders I have herbs for nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and hemorrhoids. I have been treating all kinds of conditions in my private practice for about 6 years and had almost four years of internship before that. Feel free to call with any questions. Herbs can work well alone prescribed through Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation or in conjunction with acupuncture which I also practice. I have knowledge of how herbs can interact with medications and am happy to work with your doctor if you want to come off of medication or combine your regimen with herbal medicine.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

How I Treated Shingles with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

One day I noticed a painful red rash breaking out around my left side. At first I thought it was Chicken Pox because I'd recently treated a patient with a bad case of that rash. Although I didn't think that Chicken Pox was usually contagious, that seemed the most logical connection. The more it went on though and the more I thought about it, I knew it had to be Shingles, or Herpes Zoster. How did I know? It was more painful that itchy, it seemed to emerge from the spine, the spine itself felt quite painful and burning, and it was only on one side of the body following a nerve root path. It was a textbook case. I knew from my school studies that acupuncture and Chinese herbs could be very helpful and enlisted the help of an acupuncturist friend who also lived in Santa Rosa, CA.

In the meantime I did some online research as I continue to be interested in diseases as metaphors for what we are struggling with on deep levels. Although famous new age thought author Louise Hay called Shingles "Waiting for the other shoe to drop," the words of a less famous blogger resonated even more. "Shingles", she said, is a "Crossroads before fear and trust." This really seemed to ring true in my life as I was in the process of deepening my spiritual path and letting go of some fearful patterns in my mind. I believe my conscious choice to take the path of more faith and letting go sped my recovery. It also allowed me to approach the acupuncture and herbal treatment I received with receptivity and confidence.

The acupuncturist I saw diagnosed me as having "damp heat in the gallbladder channel" and had me take high doses of herbal tablets called Long Dan Xie Gan Tang. The herbs were cooling and drying and had me feeling better in about a day. I also took some blood moving herbs to help with all my spinal pain. Surprisingly moxa over the sores was very soothing. Although the disease has heat to it, moxa is still helpful because the sores are fluid filled and damp is dried by moxa. Moxa can often be done at home and not just y the Chinese Medicine doctor. My husband, in fact, was very helpful with this part of my treatment.

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What Works for Me

As an acupuncturist who also had her fair share of illnesses and recovery I am going to blog about some of my discoveries that might be of value to others. The truth is that as much as I've learned by helping others through infertility, pain, insomnia, depression and other illnesses, I've probably learned even more through my own body.

 My own body has been an empirical study in various herbal formulas, nutritional supplements as well as various forms of body work and healing therapies. I like being able to tell my patients not just that something will help, but that I know what it tastes like and how it feels in the body and what the after effects may be like. Here are a few of my problems that I've learned much about through my own body: Colds and strengthening immunity, Shingles, Insomnia, Heart Problems, Menstrual Irregularities and improving fertility, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, cleansing and detoxing. Here are just a few of the different types of treatment modalities I've experienced and learned from: Reiki, Bowen Method, Feldenkrais, homeopathy, hatha yoga, physical therapy, EFT, massage, Kairos therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual midwifery, art therapy, Barbara Brennan Healing and Chinese Face Reading/Nine Star Ki. Wow what a list. I'm sure there are more! If any of these particularly appeals I'd love to hear what you want me to write about. With so much to chronicle it is hard to know begin.

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