Thursday, August 20, 2020

Is it Safe to Go to Acupuncture During Covid 19?

 I've been treating patients all throughout shelter in place in my small private acupuncture practice in Santa Rosa, CA. I've taken added precautions, of course. There is mask wearing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing. I insist that patients not come when suffering cough, fever or other Covid symptom such as loss of smell. I've been touched by how honest and responsible people are about reporting potential risk and rescheduling until their status is more definitely clear. There is recognition that they are not just taking care of themselves by staying home when sick, but also my other clients as well as me and the family members I'm also connected to. There is some recognition, however, as well that isolating and staying home when free of acute symptoms is not the best they can do for their own health and for society at this time. Meanwhile work must be done and survival needs must be met. Meanwhile children still need education and socialization. Realistically a 100% stay at home life is just not sustainable. People must develop and employ their immune system and be active in the world. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help to build immunity. Acupuncture literally taps on the awareness that we ourselves are pure energy and this upright strength and a bubble of protective energy known as the wei qi is what keeps us well. It is only when our energy is weakened are we susceptible to catching sicknesses. So we go to acupuncture to refresh and to come out feeling more like our true and vibrant selves that have natural defenses just by virtue of the true radiance that is our energy. 

Research also points to acupuncture and moxibustion being useful along western medications in the treatment and prevention of Covid 19.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Top Essential Oils in Santa Rosa Acupuncture Practice

As an acupuncturist who uses essential oils in my practice I am often asked about quality and different brands. I was skeptical that just because I paid more or a certain company claimed to be pure that it was really true. As time went on and I used lots of different brands,  however,  I became more sensitive and I began to think that some of the "pure and organic" oils I'd found on eBay from Europe were chemically altered. I wondered as well about DoTerra oils. Although I haven't used a ton of their products somehow they smell a little too bright for me. Cheaper oils such as Aura Cache and Eden's Garden seem to hold up better next to my favorite artisan oils which I am aware of and trust their source, namely Snow Lotus and Monara Oils.
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Acupuncture and Shoni-Shin for Children in Santa Rosa, CA

Having my own child as well as having success practicing on women with fertility issues has naturally led me to an interest in pediatric acupuncture. Also, as an acupuncturist I noticed when I had a young patient, even one who was already an adolescent, they responded to treatment more quickly than an adult. This was a fulfilling experience feeling that in a few short weeks of treatment I may have improved the child's health for life. I helped one teen with menstrual cramps, for example, and wondered about my 30 something year old patient with extreme monthly pain, what her life would have been like if she'd come for treatment at 15.

So it may sound great in theory, but if your child is suffering from something you may be concerned about the acupuncture needles and have fears about your child not liking it. Although this is a valid concern, my experience has been that most young children find these needles much more comfortable than the ones used for shots at the doctor's and come back happily to my office without aversion. Here is a video of a happy baby getting acupuncture. I was there at this pediatric acupuncture class when this was filmed so I can attest that it is the real, unedited experience of the young one.

In addition the fact that my feisty and willful three year old boy will request acupuncture and keep his needle in for up to half an hour speaks volumes. He knows it helps his body feel better and was surprised at his first treatment telling me "That didn't even hurt." Besides if a child really does not want to needles or "taps" as I refer to them for kids, I can use non insertion techniques like micro-current and Shoni Shin which are tools to stimulate the acupuncture channels and bring about healing without breaking the skin. I find I can get good results with these tools as well as acupuncture, it just depends on the sensitivity of the child and their needs.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easy Labor Protocol for Pregnant Women in Santa Rosa, Ca

Although I have enough experience with labor induction through acupuncture to know that it is usually quite helpful, my sense and what I have learned through the experts is that it is not the ideal way to prepare the body for a smooth and easy labor. I liken the process of labor induction to giving the body a big push so that the baby can come out. My easy labor protocol, however, is a process that takes place from week 22 of pregnancy onward that slowly and gently strengthens the uterus and the woman's blood and energy and softens/ripens her cervix, so that when the due date window arrives she can easily and naturally deliver her baby without a lot intervention needed at that point.

The easy labor protocol consists of 6-8 treatments at pivotal intervals in her pregnancy in which direct moxabustion (a therapy involving burning mugwort) is applied on a special point on the woman's leg that brings energy the uterus. I usually combine this protocol with constitutional acupuncture to deal with any issues or potential issues in the woman's body that would prevent a smooth and easy labor and/or make her pregnancy less pleasant. Most women experience the process as pleasant with few other noticeable effects afterwards. Some sensitive women will notice an increase in uterine action (braxton hicks) following a treatment or perhaps an increase in personal energy. So far women who had the easy labor protocol had all natural labors without medical interventions and believe the birthing process was shorter and easier than they would have been without this series of treatments.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Should I take Placenta Postpartum? A Chinese Medicine Perspective

As an acupuncture/ herbal medicine student I was excited to learn about human placenta as a healing substance. I was fascinated that this medicine could put to use something that was part of creating life and yet was so readily discarded. It was only years later that I became pregnant that I learned the trend of taking placenta postpartum for recovery, breast milk enhancement, and postpartum depression prevention. In this blog I'll discuss how the current use varies somewhat from its traditional usage and how I believe more caution needs to be exercised to most effectively utilize placenta as a healing substance.

When I was pregnant and decided that I would hire someone to dry and encapsulate my placenta, I got caught up with the current touting of all the benefits of taking placenta postpartum and forgot some of my text book knowledge about some of its precautions. I took the substance as "prescribed" by the doula who prepared it for me, 1 capsule 3 times a day. Days after giving birth I wound up with a mysterious fever that my midwife labeled mastitis (breast infection) for lack of signs pointing in any other directions. I believe the onset of this fever and possible infection was at least in part related to my ingesting placenta. Here's why.

By nature placenta is warm and very nourishing especially to the yang of the kidney as well as the blood and essence of a person. For those of you not familiar with these terms the "yang" is the warming and activating side of a person.  "Blood" is pretty much as we usually refer to it, and "essence" is the core substantive vitality of a person. In the weeks after giving birth a woman's channels are said to be in an "unsettled" state and be more open than usual. So while she may very well need nourishing after the blood loss and exertion of labor and caring for a new baby, she also needs to take care to avoid pathogenic factors like extremes of hot or cold during this vulnerable time, as that could introduce infection. As I am a person who tends toward heat diseases anyway, meaning if I was going to get sick hot, red sores or fever were often part of the picture. So for me taking this warm and nourishing of a substance several times a day when I was extra vulnerable to infection was not the best idea. Fortunately, at this point I stopped taking my placenta until the infection was totally gone and thereafter I only took it on occasion when feeling more cool and run down, not just as a maitenence supplement. I at least had the knowledge to do this but I worried that other women without this information would end up continuing to take it as "prescribed" and wind up with infections that were difficult to recover from. So for the benefit of people who want to ingest their placenta here is my list of precautions based on text book guidelines.

1. Do not take daily/regularly if there is no significant depletion. Best way to know this is having a Chinese Medicine practitioner read your tongue, pulse and ask you a few questions. If you had a long, difficult labor or lost an usual amount of blood there is a good chance you could have depletion, but still having a consultation is not a bad idea. Regardless, you should listen to your body if the placenta seems to be creating symptoms rather than making you feel good.

2. Stop placenta immediately in case of fever or other signs of infection including common cold. Do not resume until completely recover.

3. Be cautious if you have a hot or particularly robust constitution. This is probably not the best choice for you even after the hard work of giving birth as it is listed as ideal for someone who tends to suffer from infertility or impotence, emaciation, chronic weak lung conditions, or is elderly and debilitated.

4. If you tend to suffer from yin deficient symptoms such as hot flashes or sweating at night this substance should not be used alone. It needs to be combined with other more moist substances, so consult your herbalist.

5. Lastly, I am concerned with the hygienic nature of the prepared placenta. Since the kitchens in which placentas are prepared are not regulated in any way it is quite possible for bacteria to get introduced. Do your research before choosing someone to prepare it about the standards for cleanliness in the preparation area.

If you are wanting a consultation about use of placenta in the Sonoma County/Santa Rosa area I'd be happy to take a look at you as an individual and give my recommendations. I also sell formulations of herbs that I believe to be more safe than placenta for a larger number of women. They also happen to be significantly cheaper. For more information visit or call Kat at (707) 775-8311.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Natural Solutions for Thyroid Health- A Santa Rosa Fertility Acupuncturist's Thoughts

Many women are surprised to find out that their symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, depression, chilliness, hair loss and weight gain may be due to an underactive thyroid. In fact, in my experience as a health care practitioner, such a condition can exist even when a blood lab has confirmed the person as "normal". In my opinion this is often because the doctor did not order a complete thyroid panel and/or because the level for healthy functioning is more narrow than the range deemed as "normal". This means that woman will have many symptoms and feel poorly long before she is diagnosed by a regular doctor and during this time her gland is actually slowly diminishing in function.
In the realm of fertility thyroid plays an important part in maintaining a normal menstrual cycle and in allowing a woman to hold a pregnancy. Often when a woman has had trouble conceiving I will have her take her basal body temperature, or chart her temperatures first thing every morning. If her temps are below 97 degrees Fahrenheit and she has other symptoms, I will suspect a thyroid issue and want to get that in balance. Sometimes I will send her to her regular doctor for testing or treatment, but often this isn't enough. Even if the woman takes synthetic hormones like Synthroid she is not actually nourishing the thyroid gland itself. In fact supplementing hormones like this is sometimes believed to make the gland lazy. For this reason, I will recommend high quality supplements like Thytrophin by Standard Process and Thyroid Complex by Mediherb that use whole foods without hormones to help the gland to regenerate if necessary and function more optimally.
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Acupuncture and Herbs for Insomnia in Santa Rosa, CA

Do you suffer from insomnia? Maybe you've tried some herbs from your local health food store and they haven't worked. Don't give up. This may be because you didn't buy the supplement most suited to your specific type of insomnia. In my herbal pharmacy in Santa Rosa, CA I have herbs for people with trouble falling asleep combined with poor energy and digestion. I have some for those who fall asleep easily but wake frequently sometimes feeling sweaty. I have others for just an acute situation where the person can't sleep because they are overheated and highly stressed, and some for people who's problem is mostly due to stagnation in the digestive system not allowing the body to rest.  Not sure which pattern fits you? That's why it is great to have an herbalist who can determine your type of insomnia and pick the very best choice for you.

 Helping insomnia is best done by combining herbal medicine with acupuncture. Acupuncture allows you to experience a relaxed state in which the whole body system switches into rest and relax mode. Acupuncture is kind of like training the energy body to go out of fight or flight stressed mode and go into the rejuvenative healing state where good sleep is possible.

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